Silver Flow Yoga

Women's Yoga FAQ


What is Yoga Studio Etiquette?

Please be aware of the following: arrive at least ten minutes early to class so you have time to change and set up your mat; shoes are not worn inside and can be left under the coat hooks; tell reception that you are taking the women's only class and they will direct you to the room; stay until the class is over to avoid disrupting the other students, if you have to leave early then inform the instructor; pick up after yourself (mat, personal belongings) and return any props.  

The classes are scent and fragrance free.

What do I wear?

Fancy pricey yoga clothes are not required!  Any comfortable clothes that will allow for movement are fine.  Loose baggy clothes may hinder your practice by tangling the arms and legs.  Yoga is done bare foot.  Dress expectations: pants to the knee and torso covered.  It is possible to change at the studio, but it best to come with your outer clothes easy to take off-on.  

What do I need to bring to class?

Items necessary: yourself, yoga mat, water bottle, excitement, energy, positivity.  :)

Optional: blocks, props, towel, anything else you might like!

Is the yoga room at Parivartan private?

Yes, the room is completely private; the perfect place for women's yoga.  The door is windowless and there will be a sign posted to the effect that it is an all women's group and men are not to enter.  There is one window in the room, which is blocked by a tree and covered with a curtain.

Do I need to have any yoga experience?

NO!  Everyone is welcome.  We believe that women's yoga is for every body and everybody.  Wellness self care is for all!

Is yoga a religion?

No - it is not.  Modern Western yoga is based in mindfulness techniques (the mental part) and movement practices (the body part).  This makes the classes perfect for Muslim women.