Silver Flow Yoga

Fee Structure

Yoga must be accessible to all women, regardless of  financial circumstances.  To this end, there is a sliding fee scale for the  yoga classes.  All women deserve access to self-care and community.  A person's circumstances do not represent their worth as a person.  We look forward to building a community based on dignity and respect, not on privilege and financial resources.

Fee Structure - The Sliding Scale

What is the 'Sliding Scale'?


The 'Sliding Scale' is a way to offer a service at a variety of price points so that it is accessible to a wide range of people, not just those with financial privilege.  This allows an equitable access to people who might not otherwise have participated.  It also helps us reach our goal of an wellness community for  truly everyone.

How Does the 'Sliding Scale' Work?


Read the levels of the 'Sliding Scale' and determine the level that suits your situation.  During Registration, indicate your price point.  There are limited spaces at certain price points because there are economic realities (ex: studio rental, instructor fee, etc).  All price points are available on a first-come first-serve basis.  Payment details are outlined in Registration.

Role of Trust


The idea of the 'Sliding Scale' works on trust: that each person will be honest in choosing the price point that works for them.  You will not have to explain or justify your price point.  The trust is there.  Remember: If you choose a lower point on the scale than you can actually afford, you are: taking advantage of this trust; taking a spot from a deserving person; not respecting the value of the service and the teacher.

Upper End of the Scale- $xx/class


This price point is for you if you have financial security and adequate spending money.  This price represents the true cost of the class. 

There are many spaces available at this level.

Middle of the Scale- $xx/class


 This price point is for you if you are not in either the high or low category.  You can pay for your housing, food, etc but must carefully consider spending money to be able to afford needs.

There are three spaces available at this level.

Lower End of the Scale- $xx/class


This price point is for you if, at this time, financial resources are stretched thin to the point where the class is not accessible at the other price points.  

There are three spaces available at this level.

(If you are not able to pay at this end of the scale, but would like to participate- please contact.)