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About Women's Yoga


Cheryl Urbanczyk is a certified yoga teacher (CYA RYT 200) with the Canadian Yoga Alliance.  She has been a career educator and committed to dyslexia awareness.  Women's issues and building capacity within women is an important new focus.  As an active yoga practioner, she is excited to share healthy living and women's empowerment with others, especially Muslim women. Teaching women's yoga and wellness self care is her way to achieve this goal.

Professional Portfolio

Registered Yoga Teacher


After many years of personal yoga practice, I wanted to teach and share yoga with others.  But how does a hijabi Muslim do this?  We are not represented in the Wellness Industry and many places do not meet our needs.  Thankfully I was able to find a studio to study and realize this dream of being a yoga teacher.

Yoga Talks Podcast Interview


For many years I have been influenced by J and his thinking on yoga and movement.  We had an email exchange which resulted in this interview, "Cheryl Urbanczyk - Female Hijab Wearing Muslim Yogi".  We talk about how I became a Muslim, got into yoga, and issues of diversity & representation within the yoga community.

Women's Only Yoga Classes


In Summer 2018, women's classes started!  Through the rest of that year, different sessions were offered for summer, fall, winter.  Looking forward to sessions in 2020!

Women's Health Conference


Presented (Sept 8, 2018) on 'Yoga: Mindful Movement for Mental and Physical Calm'.  There was a special focus on health equity, with discussion of Muslim women needing spaces and activities to meet their unique needs without causing further marginalization.

Building Me (Being Me) Presenter


It was a great honor to be a presenter for 'Building Me', a special one-day workshop (March 25, 2019) part of the 'Being Me Toronto' conference.  The focus was breath, body, and mind benefits of mindful movement and mindfulness.  

Meeting Dianne Bondy!


This was a special occasion because Dianne is someone I look up to for work on inclusive accessible yoga for every body.  Her book 'Yoga for Everyone' is in my hand and she signed it for me.