Women's ONLY Yoga Classes - Mindful Movement for Women & Girls

Mississauga, Ontario.






By inspiring others to connect with body and mind, we promote self-acceptance and self-compassion. We strive to empower others to realize their authentic person.  From a starting point of gratitude, we look forward to forming a community where women have a sense of excitement to be themselves and share their gifts with the world.


Why Women's Yoga?



The energy of an all women’s environment is very special. It allows for a level of comfort, compassion and support that might not be present in a mixed gender class.  Women, regardless of the reason (ex: religious, personal, past experiences) must have the option available to be in a women’s only yoga class. We are excited and honored to be able to provide that experience for fellow women (and girls!).


Calm Your Mind



The mind-body connection plays a significant role in our lives. The ability to find space in the busyness of life to  notice yourself is important.  Yoga provides just this: moments to refresh and renew, to just be you.  It allows you to gain perspective and distance from your thoughts to realize that you can chose your own inner narrative and realize that you are more than what your mind is telling you.


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